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Full Installation Needed!

Hi players, in order to ensure all players having the latest copy of kro client 2022 merging with jero custom items. It is recommended for players to re-install a Full game installation of JeRO.

To play safe, just create a new folder, example [Full]JeRO 2022, and install/extract the files into that folder you have created.

We are very sorry for this "heavy duty" of re-downloading the full installation files. Click Here

Join Us in Discord

Hi players, join us in discord if you have any enquires on JeRO. Click Here

New Donations rewards update

Every donation made, will get a 10% fraction from the cash point amount as rupee, a New currency of JeRO. Rupee can be used to purchase premium items.

  • USD 2 = 50 Cash Points + 5 rupees
  • USD 5 = 200 Cash Points + 20 rupees
  • USD 15 = 700 Cash Points+ 70 Rupees

Premium npc sell cheaper donor items 3% to 5% cheaper compare to cash shop


Join Us on JeRO Discord Channel - https://discord.gg/j6QUVaH

Valentine Day Celebration (14th Feb till 28th Feb)

There will be a NPC to exchange v-day items in prontera town (just below welcome gift npc). From 14th Feb to 29th Feb. Click Here

There will be a NPC to redeem v-day items at Jawaii town(heart shape island). From 14th Feb to 29th Feb.

JeRO Rates

Max Level : 255/150

Max Stats : 200 (Pre-renewal growth stats)

Max ASPD : 193

Base Experience : 20000x

Job Experience: 20000x

Common Weapon Drops : 100%

Common Item Drops : 100%

Common Card Drops : 60%

MVP Weapon Drops : 100%

MVP Item Drops : 100%

MVP Card Drops : 30%

Boss Card Drops : 30%

mvp 88,649 MvP Killed
shield 16,124 Characters
lock 13,926 Sign Ups


Rune Knights practice a new type of magic derived from Rune Stones. Although magic from Rune Stones can be casted very quickly and does not consume SP, Rune Knights can only carry so many Rune Stones at a time and they need many materials the create different kinds of Rune Stones.

  • Rune Knight
  • Royal Guard
  • Warlock
  • Sorcerer
  • Ranger
  • Wanderer / Minstrel
  • Mechanic
  • Genetic
  • Guillotine Cross
  • Shadow Chaser
  • ArchBishop
  • Sura
  • Star Emperor
  • Soul Reaper
  • Kagerou / Oboro
  • Rebellion
  • Summoner